#56 A Perfect Disguise

MoonSticks #56 A Perfect Disguise featuring Usagi as Princess Serenity and Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

Hi! I'm Chibi Jen and I've been making cute and fun Sailor Moon comic strips since 2009. If you enjoy my comics, please consider tipping to show your appreciation. Thanks for the support ❤

205 thoughts on “#56 A Perfect Disguise”

  1. Hi Chibi Jennifer! I really like your comics so please make more! We’ve all been waiting since July!!!!! :( Why haven’t you made anyway waaah..? WE MISS YOU AND YOUR COMIC STRIPS! Please reply Chibi Jen! (Happy 2011!)

      1. Maybe you can kinda do what Dr. Rorschach said (good idea Dr. Rorschach!) and give one of the Sailor Moon characters, like, their own little talk show I guess, and you can bring in other characters! (Sorry I’m desperate!) (3>

  2. When are you gonna make a new comic strip? It’s already December! Come on! At least do one for the New Years! That will be totally awesome! :D

  3. Why did you stop making the comics!

    They are great.

    I hope to see more any time soon, you have so much talent

  4. Somehow, I feel responsible that you don’t make comics anymore Jeniffer.

    Look, I know it might be a desperate scenario, but why not guest stars from other places?

    My suggestion… Deadpool.

  5. i LOVE these. i started watching sailor moon again in english first then japanese [before youtube took it down >:(] one question, why is there no sailor earth? because sailor moon comes from a MOON, not a planet. me and my friend discussed it and have come to the conclusion mamoru is sailor earth :) lol

    1. Naoko Takeushi explained it.
      Only woman can be a Sailor soldier. BUT…
      When the destiny of Princes from any solar system is linked with a men, then he has a eternal star sid as each others (sailors).
      Without this (that destiny) Mamoru would be a random man – replaced by ‘Sailor Earth’ (Naru for example xD)

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