#39 Usagi’s Amazing Transformation

A fun Sailor Moon webcomic poking fun at Sailor Moon's long transformations. MoonSticks #39 Usagi's Amazing Transformation featuring Usagi/Sailor Moon and Naru.

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176 thoughts on “#39 Usagi’s Amazing Transformation”

    1. no that would be plutos powers which SHE CANT USE EVEN THOUGH SHE GOT THEM because there were three things she could never do leave her post at the time door go through the time door and stop time two out of three done guess which

  1. LOL …my sides hurt. It seems like you draw the questions that every Sailor Moon fan has ever wanted to ask.

      1. Basically that they were wayy too long and the villains would fall asleep from boredom before it was over. But he’s way funnier than I am about it.

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