#36 Time for Star Powers

MoonSticks #36 Time for Star Powers featuring Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Luna and Artemis

…And yes, Luna has no eyes 8D

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112 thoughts on “#36 Time for Star Powers”

  1. Rei: We could have used these to fight Queen Beryl, but you til now to give it to us?

    Me: And *after* Usagi got another power-up?

  2. I’ve always had a thought like this in the first season, when Usagi is given the moon wand. “You couldn’t have given this to her one episode sooner, when she might have saved Nephrite with it?” It’s all Luna’s fault that Naru had to suffer.

  3. I always assumed that the cats’ memories are still a bit muddled on some details and abilities due to the whole “stasis space pods for countless eons”. That can’t be good for such a prolonged period of time. We have seen how forgetful and lazy Artemis can be and then there’s how when Luna first encountered Ami, Luna thought Ami could had been a youma! Surely Planetary Energy is much more different than youma/Queen Metalia. So the possibility of brain damage or difficulty with memory recollection is possible. After a long period of recuperating, it probably just took them a while to piece together how to make the powerups. Yeah, too little too late, I know, but they could had been or still are braindamaged.

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