#36 Time for Star Powers

MoonSticks #36 Time for Star Powers featuring Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Luna and Artemis

…And yes, Luna has no eyes 8D

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112 thoughts on “#36 Time for Star Powers”

  1. lol, that is a good point! They could have at least upgraded them against the doom tree, that was sort of a random time to!

      1. Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus died during the battle against Queen Beryl.. so they kinda died for nothing- meaning they would have beaten Beryl if Luna had given them their star powers during that time.

        1. Of course if you’re watching the dub no one dies or gets hurt and their all just captured and then suddenly appear to help serenity while partly transparent during the final battle. Nope totally not dead <.<

          The dub should die in a fire…..

  2. I still don’t get it,why star power?in eternal form they have stars all over teir fuku-http://mangastyle.net/book4/4-56-57.jpg( it have been for the anime version,in the manga-http://mangastyle.net/book4/4-55.jpg originaly they don’t have wings and chibi-usa has the same
    fuku as the gardian senshi)noako takuichi should have picked another henshi frase,but they transform in to eternal with the same frase as for super transformetion

  3. I just discovered your comics and all I can say is THEY’RE AWESOME! I love Rei’s expression in the last panel.

  4. Lol! Do the senshi not care that crapping out 4 transformation pens with stars on the tops AND 5 communication watches is a very long and painful process????? XD

    1. ummmmm…. I’m actually not sure- I don’t think so? I think she skipped from ‘Uranus Planet Power” to…the Super form which is I assume “Crystal” power? In the stars arc she has a Super upgrade but I don’t think we see a henshin sequence.

      Plus, the outer senshi’s normal “Planet Power” appeared stronger than the Inner senshi’s “star” power so maybe it wasn’t even necessary? XD

      1. Allow me to explain. By the time the outer Senshi appeared in the manga, the Inner Senshi had upgraded from Star to Planet Power Make-up. An Upgrade that didn’t happen in the anime. They were at the same level in the manga. dunno why the anime didn’t give it to them…

  5. First they were looking for the Moon Princess who was with them all along.

    And now, they get new power-ups when one of them is missing and they’ve already defeated Queen Beryl… Shame… Explain yourselves, Luna and Artemis! ^-^

    Awesome work, Chibi Jen! Ganbatte ne!

      Y’know, I do remember royal pets like shih tzus were supposed to be ornamental animals. I can’t blame the kitties for trying to be smarter than just ornamental animals, but seriously come on, I’d have barbecued them like Rei most likely would based on the 4th panel!

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