#24 Ail and An’s Worry

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #24 Ail and An's Worry featuring the Makaiju Aliens Ail and An from Sailor Moon R

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95 thoughts on “#24 Ail and An’s Worry”

          1. No, they all got to her since I’m stuck in the sun. ‘tosses scarlet pixie cut and bats red eyes’ Adfter all, who could resist this?

      1. It’s actually Shugo Chara, with a ‘u’ or ‘My Guardian Characters.’ It’s a lot like Sailor Moon you can find it on Crunchyroll. I’m sure you’l lie it. ^_^

  1. Man, this is FUNNY! Hahaha. And I can actually picture this happening; An is freaking out that the tree is dying and Ail is just thinking dirty thoughts and not even listening to her. XD

  2. Hahaha! Having a nosebleed sounds like something Ail would really do! Ail an An are like the comical villains.

    There was only one time that anyone had a nosebleed while thinking of perverted thoughts and that was Minako thinking of Yaten (apparently, Luna took a bath w/ Yaten).

    Brilliant idea, Chibi Jen!!

  3. lol you’re thinking about sumthing dirty xD but people hate seiya for liking usagi but i never see anyone hating ail for liking usagi? why do people hate seiya for that? because hes trans? was he the only one to stand up to kissing usagi on the cheak? is it because he called mamo-chan useless? (or sumthing like that) hhhmmmmmmmmm strange ._.? hmmmm xD

    1. hate seiya i will stick wit moon and roses oh i luv the comic (im a taiki fan):p i wonder if the starlights r girls or boys wat do you dink oh one more ding who is your fav starlight better not be seiya xp

  4. Its really good that you put more villains from SMR (the previous was the Sisters)

    Keep up the great work in those mini comics :3

  5. Awesome! I was planing to tell you about those two (that you’ve forgot to make a comic about them).
    The comic is so funny, really. I love their relationship with each other and with Usagi and Mamoru.

    I love how you drew Ann changing her emotions while Ail is fixed ^^
    love it really..

    BTW: sorry for the late comment, my computer was broken -_-;

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments :D I was actually wondering where you were ^^;

      I didn’t mind this little arc very much, even though they were all fillers it was light-hearted and fun 8D

  6. An and Ail were always sooo fickle with love. One moment they’re in love with eachother, the next its Usagi/Mamoru. I always thought An was more jealous with Ail when his eye wondered than vice versa. How come its okay if An has a wondering eye, but not Ail? T_T

    1. Yeh, they were pretty inconsistent which made me wonder if their characters were undeveloped or if it was all intentional just to make us laugh XD Nevertheless, it did make it very funny and comical to watch ^^

      And hey, girls always get the better end of things XD

      1. I actually really liked their part of SMR….although it was pretty weak compared to Part 2 of SMR (probably because An and Ail aren’t in the manga). I wish They were around longer to really develop, buuut I guess that asking too much.

        They were likable though. =)

        1. Yeah I agree. I actually enjoyed watching them :} I wonder how strong they really are… they looked pretty powerful O_o.. If it wasn’t the tree, not sure if the senshi could defeat them.

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