#1 Sailor Moon’s Stolen Identity

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic #1- Stolen Identity, featuring Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Zoisite

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68 thoughts on “#1 Sailor Moon’s Stolen Identity”

  1. LOL always loved that episode, it’s one of my favourites! In the English dub, when Zoisite imitates Sailor moon, she sounds like Ann!

  2. I’m pretty sure most viewers thought that, but you’ve got to forgive the civilians in the end – very few victims likely ever got a good look at her and likely only noted the sailor suit and not the colors.

      1. almost as bad as when a girl in my class saw a picture of a pokeball and went “Oh, that’s a pikachu, right?”

    1. same,I watch that episode then i saw the comic and then i watched the episode were zoeisite died and i cried then felt stupied because i cried about something romantic (p.s I watch japenies subtiteled)

  3. WOW. Some people can be complete morons. Or they’re colorblind.

    Either way, that’s sad they can’t see how Sailor Moon’s bows are PURPLE instead of RED.

    Good luck regaining Usagi’s trust, Mako-chan.

  4. Every 1 there is either: blonde, colorblind, or just plain stupid. Besides, didnt the Dark Kingdom think about a little something called “copyright”. Sailor Moon (the real 1) wont even have 2 use the Silver Imperium Crystal 2 beat them. She can just sue them!!!!

  5. Makoto, u coudn’t have been on poor little Usagi’s side during this? She needs some 1 2 baxk her ^.

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