#44 Ami’s Terrifying Dilemma

MoonSticks #44 Ami's Terrifying Dilemma featuring Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

Narrator: During the final high school entrance exam..
[[Ami-chan is sitting in a room amongst other students]]

Ami (thinking): Oh no! I sense the enemy! What horrible timing!!

Ami (thinking): But how can I just leave?? I am a Sailor Senshi but if I fail my exam my life would be over! What should I do??
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Exam: What should the protagonist do? (A) Leave the exam. It’s her duty to defe- (B) Cry, panic and call for help (C) Keep doing the exam, her studies i-

Narrator: 5 minutes later..
Ami: I knew I shouldn’t have drank water before the exam..
[[Ami sadly walks out of the lady's bathroom]]

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