#80 Sailor Moon Drops: Taxedo Mask

Sailor Moon Drops Comic Strip/Doujin #80 Taxedo Mask, featuring Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Hope you enjoyed this comic based on Sailor Moon Drops (official Sailor Moon iOS game) :D I’m having too much fun with it. Seriously though, who else gets mad when he shows up on the screen?

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151 thoughts on “#80 Sailor Moon Drops: Taxedo Mask”

  1. Just do what I do…watch a video of someone else that’s playing the game and figure it out from there. You’re probably never going to have to shell any coins, virtual, or real, if you do that in order to beat the game.

  2. PT. 2
    Tuxedo Mask: Press one button already
    Usagi: JUST HELPPPPP!!!
    Tuxedo Mask: My work here is done *now*
    Usagi: But you didn’t do anything
    Tuxedo Mask: *WHOOSH*

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