#45 No Longer A Planet

MoonSticks #45 No Longer A Planet featuring Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meiou, Chibiusa/Small Lady and Luna P

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216 thoughts on “#45 No Longer A Planet”

  1. lol! the same argument goes for the Moon. the other senshi (aside from the Starlights) represent planets. so Setsuna, don’t feel too bad, Usagi is in the same boat8-)

      1. Strangely most ppl don’t notice that about the moon’s non-planetnessXD If our lovely Scout of the Moon doesn’t get pointed at for that, Set-chan shouldn’t be either<3

    1. and Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Seiren, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko, and Sailor Galaxia don’t repesent planets.

  2. lol love Pluto’s expression on panel3. She wasn’t expecting those rumors XD
    To me she’ll always be a planet~<3

  3. Pluto: “I’ve been a planet for a thousand years! Stupid arrogant earthlings!”
    lol pluto should go back in time and “persuade” them to make her a planet again…

  4. There Chibiusa goes again w/ her wierd incest thing again.Wouldn’t be suprized if five years l8er she tried to seduce another scout lol

    1. what chibiusa just said was so funny coz if she was having afair she’ll be having afair with DARIEN (tuxeto mask )

    2. But then she would be 11… and sailor senshi are usually from 13 to 19 the only exceptions are Saturn who was aged-down by rebirth, Chibimoon and the Parallels who were daughters of previous senshi, and ChibiChibi, who is either the ultimate form of Sailor Moon (Sailor Cosmos) returned on the “main timeline”, or Galaxia s’ starseed (Saffer Crystal) homewer i dont know how Chibi Jennifer thinks it (both the normal senshi age range, and who is ChibiChibi.)

  5. Why would it matter what today’s people think if it was a planet to your own culture thousands of years ago? I think this is a case where she would be going ‘silly earthlings and the ideas they get’

      1. i love sailor moon and i know when’s her birthday too its JUNE the 30TH i seen most of the episodes that r english

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