#25 Brainwashed Ms Tsukino

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic Doujinshi #25 Brainwashed Ms Tsukino featuring Ikuko Tsukino, Sailor Chibimoon/Chibiusa, Chibichibi, Hawkseye and Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino

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159 thoughts on “#25 Brainwashed Ms Tsukino”

  1. usagi: who is this
    usagis mum:you
    usagi:i don’t have a you
    mum:oh shut up
    my verison hahahahhahahahahahahaha

  2. Ohh, Usagi almost said she didn’t have a father! How could she?!?! How could she forget her own father?!?!

  3. Mrs. Tsukino doesn’t seem 2 realize random people keep showing up claiming 2 b realted 2 her, Usagi, and Shingo

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