#13 Return of Sailor Saturn

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #13 - Return of Sailor Saturn featuring Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe, Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meiou, Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenou and Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaiou

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100 thoughts on “#13 Return of Sailor Saturn”

  1. Yah, <3 Hotaru-chan. I actually like her as her slightly younger self in Stars- so adorable. I don't know why she didn't grow up to her old age though, in the manga it looks like she does but in a lot of shots than she still looks young.

  2. Very nice Chibi-chan. =D You know what? Your comics have inspired me to start drawing again…

  3. LOL that’s great! I wondered the same exact thing, why didn’t she end up growing at least up to how old she was in S. It would’ve been cool if she aged up to everybody else, but it shows that size doesn’t always matter, she kicked a lot of butt anyways! She was about to put Nehelenia in check before Chibiusa stopped her. My favorite part is the last shot where Hotaru is still wearing the same smile she had before, as if she didn’t move an inch since last time. Setsuna’s comment is hilarious as well:)

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