#10 Rei’s Horrific Discovery

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #10 - Rei's Horrific Discovery featuring Sailor Mars/Rei Hino and Yuuichirou Kumada

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85 thoughts on “#10 Rei’s Horrific Discovery”

  1. Aww I love Rei, she’s so cute and funny! I LOL’ed at the image she saw, it looked so funny with him smiling and giving the peace sign. She straight-up flipped!:)

  2. So cute and hilarious!! Love the expressions! poor Yuuchiharu though~ going through all that effort to get Rei’s attention hehe

    Love the more serious side of Rei :) This episode was awesome!

    1. Thanks ^-^

      Yeah, for some reason there’s almost always a character we feel sorry for in these MoonSticks! XD

      I think what’s to come would be more sad, when Rei turns around to see him there ^^;;

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