#7 Moshi Moshi? Sailor Iron Mouse’s Pinch

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic #7 - Moshi Moshi? Sailor Iron Mouse's Pinch featuring Sailor Iron Mouse and Sailor Galaxia of Shadow Galactica

Narrator: Being hunted by Galaxia for her failures, Iron Mouse’s death is only a phone call away..
*Briiinng brrrinnng* *BRRRIINNNNG* *BRRRIINNNNG*
Sailor Iron Mouse: AHH!

Sailor Iron Mouse: OH NO, OH NO!! I’m going crazy!! Leave me alone!!

Sailor Iron Mouse: Moshi moshi? ..This.. is Ne..zu.. speaki..ng…. *gulp*

Sailor Galaxia: Iron Mouse..How dare you ridicule me! Your old fashion telephone is embarrassing! Get me an iPhone for evilness sake!