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[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal]

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 2014 anime

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal premiered on 5th July 2014 at (6AM EST) and is streamed simultaneously worldwide online for free via Hulu/Neon Alley, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and NicoNico. It will be aired on the first and third Saturday of every month (not necessarily fortnightly)!

It is a fresh reboot and not a continuation of the old 90s anime. Naoko Takeuchi (original creator) is heavily involved in the new production so the story & character designs follow closely to the manga.

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal for free?

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal online for free and legally here:
Crunchyroll - available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America (Central & South America including Mexico)
Hulu/NeonAlley - available for US residents
AnimeLabavailable in Australia & New Zealand
NicoNico* – available worldwide (Subtitled in 12 different languages with the original Japanese audio)
*Only the first two episodes are available for free via NicoNico.

Download the Chrome Extension to access all streaming sites restricting your country.

What happens if I missed an episode? Can I still watch it afterward?

YES. You can still watch the episode afterwards with the same links above.

Will Sailor Moon Crystal cover the entire series/other seasons?

Sailor Moon Crystal will cover the Dark Moon Arc starting from Act 14 to Act 26! If the series does well we may be getting the others too! Remember to support the series by watching it on the websites listed above.

Where can I buy Sailor Moon Crystal goods/merchandise?

Visit our Sailor Moon Crystal Shopping Guide for links to buy!

Official Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer:

Sailor Moon Crystal Opening Theme: Moon Pride

Opening theme: Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z [Order the single here]
Closing theme: Moon Rainbow by Momoiro Clover Z
Order the Official Sailor Moon Crystal Soundtrack here.


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