Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (Season 1)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal new 2014 anime

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is a fresh reboot of the classic 90s magical-girl series. Naoko Takeuchi (the original manga artist) was heavily involved in the new production so the story & characters follow closely to the manga.

It first premiered on 5th July 2014 and streamed simultaneously worldwide online for free via Hulu/Neon Alley, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and NicoNico. It aired on the first and third Saturday of every month.

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal for free?

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal online for free and legally here:
Crunchyroll available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America (Central & South America including Mexico)
Hulu/NeonAlley – available for US residents
AnimeLabavailable in Australia & New Zealand
Netflix – available in the USA & Canada from July 1 2021
NicoNico* – available worldwide (Subtitled in 12 different languages with the original Japanese audio)

Does ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ cover the entire series?

Yes! There are 5 seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal: Classic (Season 1), Black Moon Arc (Season 2), Infinity Arc (Season 3), Sailor Moon Eternal (2 part movie covering Season 4) and Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie (Season 5 finale)

Where can I buy Sailor Moon merchandise?

Visit our Sailor Moon Shopping Guide for links to buy.

Official Trailer:

Opening Theme: Moon Pride

Opening theme: Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z
Closing theme: Moonbow by Momoiro Clover Z

Episode List:
Act 1: Usagi -Sailor Moon
Act 2: Ami -Sailor Mercury
Act 3: Rei -Sailor Mars
Act 4: Masquerade Dance Party
Act 5: Makoto -Sailor Jupiter
Act 6: Tuxedo Mask
Act 7: Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask
Act 8: Minako -Sailor V
Act 9 Serenity -Princess
Act 10: Moon
Act 11: Reunion -Endymion
Act 12: Enemy -Queen Metalia
Act 13: Final Battle -Reincarnation

Voice cast:
Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino: Mitsuishi Kotono (reprising role)
Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno: Hisako Kanemoto
Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino: Rina Satō
Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino: Ami Koshimizu
Sailor Venus/ Minako Aino: Shizuka Ito
Luna: Ryo Hirohashi
Tuxedo Mask: Kenji Nojima

Director: Munehisa Sakai
Composer: Yuji Kobayashi
Character Design: Yukie Sakou
Art Director: Takashi Kurahashi/Yumi Hosaka
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi

224 thoughts on “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (Season 1)”

      1. ahhhh now i want to rewatch it! i always found it interesting how the anime changed over time. haha, everyone has super high expectations for the new anime! i’m sure it’ll be amazing though~

    1. Sorry, didn’t know I couldn’t post images. Someone requested for an arm wiggle of the image and I obliged. Full credit to you of course and submitted somewhere in the vindictus forums.

  1. LOL, usagi’s face!

    The caption should be….

    Usagi: Crystal…why are you not in my compact?! GET BACK HERE!!!
    Crystal: LOL~ NOPE~

  2. That picture should be made into a little omake animation! Like a gag reel ;)

    Recently became obsessed with Sailor Moon again, so this is very timely. =) Crossing my fingers that the show doesn’t get delayed again. It better be July for real! I don’t think my heart could take more delays >.<

      1. I wonder if it’ll be a 12 – 13 episode run? That seems to be the trend these days, and if they try to stick to the manga with no fillers, it might be best that way. Man, I hope this does well and they make the Sailor V series into a short run! (And the other specials, not just Ami’s). *cross fingers*

        1. I would like it to be longer, but if they really make it 12-13 episodes without any fillers like you say and it’s super amazing I don’t mind :) Quality over quantity!

          Still… can only dream of the outer senshi and stars being included too :}

  3. I am somewhat excited yet also scared to see the new series. Yeah, the comics were good but they were nothing like the original, they were so much more…dark. idk, maybe that’s just me, I mean I am gonna watch it <3 but idk how to feel yet.

    great work uwu looks just like the anime title, just in moonsticks style XD

    1. haha thanks ^__^

      Yeah, I totally understand how you feel~ I think we’re all a little nervous about how it will turn out since it is our beloved series after all :3 It’s natural to hope it doesn’t get ruined, especially when we’ve waited so long for this. I guess we can only hope and also try to manage our expectations so we avoid being disappointed too.

  4. This is adorable! A great job reproducing the official image in your style- I love it! And I can’t wait till July. =D

  5. Can’t wait for the new anime. Hell I’m saving up money to go to AnimeExpo just to get my volume 1 of Sailor Moon and Codename:Sailor V manga signed by the english voice actors though I wish it was the original VA

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