#10 Rei’s Horrific Discovery


MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #10 - Rei's Horrific Discovery featuring Sailor Mars/Rei Hino and Yuuichirou Kumada

Narrator: One night in the Hikawa shrine, Rei performs her foretelling rituals by the fire..
Rei (thought): That ominous dream I've been having lately... what is it trying to tell me?

Rei: Yuuichirou?!
[[The flames reveal an image of Yuuichirou]]

Rei: *gasp* Why is he appearing?? How could a kind hearted guy like him be linked to this..?? Is he really the enemy? Is he like Jadeite.. Coming into this shrine to do evil? Then again, he hasn't had much purpose in the story so far... he can't be here just to give me a love interest..

Rei: hmm..something doesn't seem right.
[[Yuuichirou is at the back of the room using an overhead projector to cast an image of himself on the fire]]
Yuuichirou (thinking): Yes, I did it! Now Rei will think I'm her soul-mate for sure!