Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 To Be a Two-Part Movie


Sailormoon 25th Anniversary Project

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 has been officially confirmed on 25th January 2017, during its announcement of Sailor Moon’s 25th Anniversary Project. Season 4 is based on the Dream Arc/Dead Moon Arc, known as ‘Sailor Moon SuperS’ from the 90s anime series.

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal season 4?

Whilst a fourth season has been officially confirmed, the date and time has yet to be announced. On 30th June 2017 during Usagi & Chibiusa’s birthday, the official website was updated to announce that Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 is set to be a two-part film project! Chiaki Kon (Director for Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3) will be directing the two films. Stay tuned for more details.

When does Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 premiere?

It is likely to be out this year in 2018.