#11 Hawk’s Eye’s Dream Target

Due to some confusion over the original comic, below is an alternate ending. Click here for the original ending. Enjoy :)

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #11 - Hawkseye's Dream Target featuring The Amazon Trio Hawkseye, Tigerseye and Fisheye

Narrator: The Amazon Trio plan their next target at the bar.
Hawk's Eye: We all know the older, mature women make best targets. They're so much more sexy.

Fish Eye: Ohhh.. Let me see let me see!
[[Fish Eye and Tiger Eye gather around Hawk's Eye, who is holding a photo]]
Hawk's Eye: Ah, this one is perrfect.
Tiger's Eye: You sure have bad taste! Little girls are better!

[[Hawk's Eye turns away]]
Hawk's Eye (thinking): *smirk* Hmph, we'll see about that. Just watch me.

Narrator: A few hours later..
Hawk's Eye: WTF? She's already dead.
Tiger's Eye: Aww, by old age?
Fish Eye: Well there goes her dream mirror!