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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 (Sailor Stars Arc) “SAILOR MOON COSMOS” 2023

Sailor Moon Crystal season 5 official poster Sailor Moon Cosmos (2023)
Official poster for the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 5 movie – Sailor Moon Cosmos (2023)

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 (Sailor Stars arc) has officially been announced! It is titled “Sailor Moon Cosmos” and will debut in Summer 2023 in Japanese theatres! Like “Sailor Moon Eternal” (season 4) it will be a 2-part theatrical release, releasing on 9th and 30th of June respectively.

The fifth and final arc “Sailor Stars” known as “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars” from the 90s anime series will follow closely to the manga plot, based on Naoko Takeuchi’s vision. We’ll likely see new, never-before-animated characters in a fast paced action packed finale.

When & where can I watch “Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 – Sailor Moon Cosmos”?

It has been announced for 9th and 30th of June 2023 respectively in Japanese theatres. More details to come for international audiences.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 5 Trailers

First teaser trailer!

Second teaser trailer featuring the Sailor Starlights / Three lights!!

Where can I buy official Sailor Moon Crystal goods/merchandise?

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