#43 Usagi’s Missing Father

MoonSticks #43 Usagi's Missing Father featuring Usagi Tsukino, Luna, Queen Serenity and Kenji Tsukino.

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187 thoughts on “#43 Usagi’s Missing Father”

  1. Lol, poor Kenji! I love him, too, and he always gets abused. XD But that’s probably why I love him so.

    But yeah, Princess Serenity doesn’t have a “birth Father” in the comic. Guardian Cosmos says that Queen Serenity just plucked her out of the Cauldron and took her with her to the Moon, more or less. (If you’ve ever heard of Princess Serenity being referred to as a “carbon copy” of the Queen, it’s because she basically is.)

    Queen Serenity, Star Seed Bandit at Large.

    1. Well, that’s not exactly what the manga says. That’s just one interpretation. It was left very ambiguous on a lot of points, including what Guardian Cosmos was referring to regarding Queen Serenity.
      Until Naoko makes statement about it, there is not real definite answer. Princess Serenity could very well have a father.

  2. Omona! I really feel bad for her father Kenji ;__;

    Imagine Princess Serenity’s parents are Luna and Artemis


    But the worst would be Princess Serenity’s father is Endymion


    Good work Jen!

      1. The ideas for Endymion being Serenity’s father come from the original myth about Selene and Endymion. According to the anchient Greeks, Selene was the godess of the moon. One night she looked down on Earth and fell in love with a shepard named Endymion. But since she was the moon, she could only visit him when he was asleep. So she asked the higher up gods to grant Endymion eternal sleep so she could always visit him. They did, but she forgot to ask for eternal youth, so Endymion ended up getting turned into a grasshopper.

  3. XD Poor Kenji-papa. Nobody likes you, especially Toei. Hell, Toei prefers the Outers! Which is like, totally shocking. o.o

  4. I always figured that the father of princess Serenity was actually prince Endymion. It was an illegal thing? It would explain why she couldn’t see him though…

  5. I like this one! This one’s pretty funny!

    Hmm. Maybe Rei & Serenity’s dads were just out of town alot? I know that in the graphic novels (SuperS) Ami says something about how her parents got a divorce when she was little and he sends her pictures and stuff.

      1. lol. Yeah maybe. And maybe Kenji-papa is really the reincarnation of Princess Serenity’s father? lol.

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