#30 Chibiusa’s Confession

MoonSticks #30 Chibiusa's Confession featuring Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa and Pegasus/Helios

[[Chibiusa lays in bed, speaking with Pegasus in his bubble on the shelf]]
Chibiusa: Hey, Pegasus…Can I ask you a question?
Pegasus: Sure, what is it?

Chibiusa: Can you repeat what you said to me that time…when you kissed me? I want to hear it once more..
Pegasus: Erm..Well..
Pegasus (thought): She’s rather direct tonight..

Pegasus: I said…
Helios/Pegasus: “My maiden..Your light of dreams is very important to us.”
[[Present time]]
Chibiusa: After that?
Pegasus: Well…I kissed you.

Chibiusa: Oh, I meant after – did you say your name was Eerieos..or..Elios? I didn’t catch it.
Pegasus: It’s Helios!
Pegasus (thought): She’s not so direct after all..
{{Side-text: Helios is pronounced as ‘Eriosu’ in Japanese}}

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